Why It’s Great to Travel









Travelling is something that everyone does at least once in their lives. Whether it’s crossing an ocean to visit your great aunt, or moving to a new city, whether you are a seasoned wanderer your or it’s your first time out, discover reasons why you should plan your next trip.

1. You’ll perceive the World with New Eyes

Whenever you’re on the road to uncharted destinations, enjoy the little pleasures in life like a child. If you see something you like, stop and take a selfie.

2. Lifelong Friendships Can Be Forged

The best friends we make are the ones we least expected. Something as simple as talking to the vendors or the passenger seated next to you on the train can be the first step to lasting friendships.

3. Unplug From Your Screen-Centered Life

Screens have taken over modern civilizations. We have become so attached to our screens that we carry them around only to fish them out during awkward situations. Luckily, traveling can fix this; it allows for interaction with new faces and breaks the monotony of routine. Put down your phone, unless you are taking a picture.

4. Give Your Children an Appetite for Exploration

Well-travelled adults took their first journey steps as children. Their parents planted the seed of exploration and with time traveling became a part of their personality and character. Not only does traveling nurture curiosity in children, it also makes them active.

5. Immerse Yourself in a New Language

How many languages do you know? They can’t be very many if you don’t get out and meet new people. And no, that required French class in high-school doesn’t count. The thing is- you do not have to know whole languages, for instance just knowing a few phrases in Chinese can make a world of difference when you visit China. Native residents really appreciate and respect the effort that foreigners take to speak their language fluently.

6. Take Advantage of Time Off

Are you retired? Are you fresh out of campus? Take the newly found time to plan a vacation. Instead of moping around your bedroom, visit that place you have always dreamed of. This impromptu excursion will be sure to lift your moods and open new windows of opportunities you never saw coming.

7. Enjoy New Cuisines

Trying new foods and drinks is always a fun activity for most people. The art of tasting new foods expands your knowledge of recipes which you can share with loved ones back home. Ditch the familiar restaurant and try out the local favorite dish.

8. Accumulate Cocktail Banter

Tales of your most recent trip to the Bahamas is sure to be a spicy topic for your next cocktail party. Small talk doesn’t have to be boring. You might even encourage someone to travel with you.

9. Challenge Your Limitations

Bungee Jumping, Zip lining, Skydiving getting on a hot air balloon can seem like the stuff of movies. Don’t ever let your fears discourage you from trying something fun. Travelling offers a great way to test your limits and breakthrough mental boundaries we may have set for ourselves.

10. You Only Live Once

There’s no room for regret when you travel only learning curves. The experiences you gather on the way will make your life meaningful. You only have one life to live. Live it to the fullest.

Happy travels. 🙂

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