On a Personal Note…

Thought I’d share a story on the blog as well as Facebook. Our nephew decided to come visit the Nashville Tennessee area about the same time as we were ready for a vacation out west. It so happens he lives in the beautiful Phoenix Arizona area. We did the logical thing and did a house swap for a week, as we live in Franklin Tennessee, 20 minutes from Nashville and Phoenix is great for golfing, beautiful scenery and more. So much money and time saved!

So all goes well on our vacation; Phoenix was amazing! Our nephew, however, apparently thought it prudent to mimic some of the bachelor party movies, being a single young adult. He took several of his friends on the trip and apparently they had a pretty good nightlife during their trip. So much so that they invited a bunch of strangers to our house for a big blowout.  So one guest had a wreck and thankfully only broke his leg, and somehow got away without a DUI arrest. Another guest drank so much she vomited all over the master bathroom (what she was doing in our master suite, I don’t even want to know). A third guest thought it prudent to go through our office and play with my brand new fountain pen and spilled ink all over the rug.  I’m seriously surprised there wasn’t a tiger lurking around when we got home.

The nephew got everything cleaned up except the rug stain.  (Shout out to Franklin Carpet Cleaning for getting all the ink out and making it look like nothing ever happened. In fact, the shampooed the whole thing and it looks brand new!)

Moral of the story: don’t let family ‘borrow’ your place without you being there. Ever.

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