Top Party Cities


When we are travelling we always want to get the most out of the trip. When travelling alone or with a group of friends we always have a lot of time and we want to party and have fun. Here are some amazing cities to party and have a great time.

  1. Barcelona

This is a city that never sleeps and the vibe here is super electric. You can get dinner in Barcelona as late as midnight and enjoy your night clubbing till dawn.

  1. Bangkok

This is an amazing city to backpack with your friends and enjoy a fun drinking spree. Here locals and travelers drink from buckets filled with beer until around 5 in the morning. It will give you an awesome opportunity to bond with the locals and other travelers.

  1. Rome

This is a great city to party with friends. This city has many amazing bars, clubs and vibrant people. There are amazing and fun bar crawl tours to be experienced in Rome. This will be an interesting opportunity to meet new people and get to create crazy memories.

  1. Prague

This city is an awesome party destination as the bear prices are amazingly low. The nightlife here is electric and will leave you wanting more. The probability of you ending up forgetting what you did last night because the kind of drinking you will experience will be off the charts thanks to the crazy company you will get.

  1. Sydney

This is a great place to party and meet amazing people from all over. Australian locals really know how to party and you are assured to have a great time. The hostels in Sydney organize amazing parties where you get to interact and have fun. There amazing clubs and bars where you can also have an amazing time.

  1. Miami

Miami is a great club destination. The music and DJs here are amazing and you are sure to have a great time. There is plenty of booze and warm fun people who love having fun and who are sure to make your experience here one to always be remembered.

  1. los

This is an amazing city in Greece. This is an amazing party destination especially in summer when the Greek isles are filled with many party people who are ready to have fun. The party here will go on all night whether at the hotels, clubs or beaches.

  1. Bali

This is an awesome party place for backpackers. After enjoying a sunny day, one can get crazy at Kuta beach. The alcohol hear is really cheap and you can get blasted on your backpacker’s budget.

  1. Ko Phangan

This is the destination for the monthly full moon party which attracts over 20,000 people. This party is super electric all night till dawn. It is a wonderful place to forge new relationships and make amazing new memories. The alcohol here is also affordable so the party never has to stop.

I hope you found this article to be helpful.

Travel Tips for Dangerous Places

Different factors influence our view of the factors that would render a place dangerous. Media reports founded largely on the desire to get a selling story, government institutions keen on propagating their political and economic agenda, and unverifiable stories doing rounds form some of the sources of information for travellers keen on visiting perceived dangerous sites.

While the use of common sense is paramount for any traveller visiting perceived risky sites, several guidelines that can help while planning for the visit are:

Before your trip:

  1. Check your facts…and your fears

Ask yourself some fundamental questions about the country you are to visit. These will be centred on the information you know about the country, the source of this information, the reliability of the source thus the authenticity of this information  and the definition of danger and how it is calculated in this context.

A case is Puerto Rico which is not deemed a dangerous tourist destination yet it’s the fifth most violent country in the world because of high rate of gun violence.

  1. Read advisories and travel warnings and put them into perspective

Do not miss to go to State Department’s website and read the travel advisories. Additionally, learn more about the country’s history and present besides what’s there in the news or advisories.

Explore local publications such as magazines, newspapers and blogs particularly because locals present a more authentic and real perspectives of who they are than non-locals.

During your trip:

  1. Look at the locals

Observe the different aspects of the local people such as mode of dressing, religious practices and food habits. It is important to desist from doing anything the locals do not do.

  1. Let people know your plans

It is important to share your day to day plans with people you trust. This will make it easy to trace you in case of any danger. This can be a text message or an email message summarising the plans for your day.

  1. Keep an emergency contact card in your pocket, wallet, or bag

Your passport or driving license may not provide much helpful information in case of an emergency. Have a card written in English and the local language outlining your name, medical information such as blood type and allergies and emergency contact information. The information in the card should be updated as may be necessary.

  1. Use authorized taxi services 

This would require you to contact a taxi service in advance. Therefore in the case of travelling to a foreign land for long, it is important to have contacts of transportation companies and utilise the authorised transport services instead of utilising just any other taxi. This however applies even within the USA in places such as New York.

  1. Drink in moderation

World over, criminals are known to take advantage of the vulnerability of people intoxicated with alcohol. They see them as easy targets because excessive drinking impairs judgement and highly reduces decision making.


Therefore, if you are planning to travel to a destination which is declared dangerous or where you have never been, these are some of the top tips for you to go by and apply according to the location where you are.

On a Personal Note…

Thought I’d share a story on the blog as well as Facebook. Our nephew decided to come visit the Nashville Tennessee area about the same time as we were ready for a vacation out west. It so happens he lives in the beautiful Phoenix Arizona area. We did the logical thing and did a house swap for a week, as we live in Franklin Tennessee, 20 minutes from Nashville and Phoenix is great for golfing, beautiful scenery and more. So much money and time saved!

So all goes well on our vacation; Phoenix was amazing! Our nephew, however, apparently thought it prudent to mimic some of the bachelor party movies, being a single young adult. He took several of his friends on the trip and apparently they had a pretty good nightlife during their trip. So much so that they invited a bunch of strangers to our house for a big blowout.  So one guest had a wreck and thankfully only broke his leg, and somehow got away without a DUI arrest. Another guest drank so much she vomited all over the master bathroom (what she was doing in our master suite, I don’t even want to know). A third guest thought it prudent to go through our office and play with my brand new fountain pen and spilled ink all over the rug.  I’m seriously surprised there wasn’t a tiger lurking around when we got home.

The nephew got everything cleaned up except the rug stain.  (Shout out to Franklin Carpet Cleaning for getting all the ink out and making it look like nothing ever happened. In fact, the shampooed the whole thing and it looks brand new!)

Moral of the story: don’t let family ‘borrow’ your place without you being there. Ever.

Why It’s Great to Travel









Travelling is something that everyone does at least once in their lives. Whether it’s crossing an ocean to visit your great aunt, or moving to a new city, whether you are a seasoned wanderer your or it’s your first time out, discover reasons why you should plan your next trip.

1. You’ll perceive the World with New Eyes

Whenever you’re on the road to uncharted destinations, enjoy the little pleasures in life like a child. If you see something you like, stop and take a selfie.

2. Lifelong Friendships Can Be Forged

The best friends we make are the ones we least expected. Something as simple as talking to the vendors or the passenger seated next to you on the train can be the first step to lasting friendships.

3. Unplug From Your Screen-Centered Life

Screens have taken over modern civilizations. We have become so attached to our screens that we carry them around only to fish them out during awkward situations. Luckily, traveling can fix this; it allows for interaction with new faces and breaks the monotony of routine. Put down your phone, unless you are taking a picture.

4. Give Your Children an Appetite for Exploration

Well-travelled adults took their first journey steps as children. Their parents planted the seed of exploration and with time traveling became a part of their personality and character. Not only does traveling nurture curiosity in children, it also makes them active.

5. Immerse Yourself in a New Language

How many languages do you know? They can’t be very many if you don’t get out and meet new people. And no, that required French class in high-school doesn’t count. The thing is- you do not have to know whole languages, for instance just knowing a few phrases in Chinese can make a world of difference when you visit China. Native residents really appreciate and respect the effort that foreigners take to speak their language fluently.

6. Take Advantage of Time Off

Are you retired? Are you fresh out of campus? Take the newly found time to plan a vacation. Instead of moping around your bedroom, visit that place you have always dreamed of. This impromptu excursion will be sure to lift your moods and open new windows of opportunities you never saw coming.

7. Enjoy New Cuisines

Trying new foods and drinks is always a fun activity for most people. The art of tasting new foods expands your knowledge of recipes which you can share with loved ones back home. Ditch the familiar restaurant and try out the local favorite dish.

8. Accumulate Cocktail Banter

Tales of your most recent trip to the Bahamas is sure to be a spicy topic for your next cocktail party. Small talk doesn’t have to be boring. You might even encourage someone to travel with you.

9. Challenge Your Limitations

Bungee Jumping, Zip lining, Skydiving getting on a hot air balloon can seem like the stuff of movies. Don’t ever let your fears discourage you from trying something fun. Travelling offers a great way to test your limits and breakthrough mental boundaries we may have set for ourselves.

10. You Only Live Once

There’s no room for regret when you travel only learning curves. The experiences you gather on the way will make your life meaningful. You only have one life to live. Live it to the fullest.

Happy travels. 🙂

The best activities you can do in Greece

Greece. Great places to visit for tourists. However, there are a couple of people that are hesitant about going to Greece, because they don’t know what you can do when you are in Greece. There are only a few people that actually know that there are lots of different activities that you can do and enjoy when you are visiting this great country. Here are some of the activities that you can choose when you are in Greece:

Visit historical buildings

The number one reason why many tourists are visiting Greece, is because of the number of historical buildings that you can visit there. This is one of the countries where you can find the most historical buildings in the world, that are still in perfect condition.

Yes, there are a couple of these buildings that are ruins, but it is still something that you want to see. There are many people that are traveling long distances for visiting these ruins and historical buildings.

Visiting a variety of museums

Museums might not be something that many people are enjoying, but if you are looking for something that you can do in Greece, that will not be that costly, than going and visiting the museums is an option.

There are a large variety of museums that you can visit that are great, and really interesting. You will be surprised about the fact that you even might enjoy visiting the museum.

Enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

If you are not a fan of historical buildings and museums, it doesn’t mean that you should not visit Greece. This is because there are some beaches that are known as the world’s most beautiful beaches. And, at these beach towns and cities, you will be able to choose from a variety of different outdoor activities that you can do, or you can just sit on the beach and enjoy the view and the sun against your skin.

There are so many interesting things that you can do in Greece. Many people don’t really realize the amount of things that you can do when you are in Greece. It doesn’t matter if you are in Greece for work, or if you are on holiday in Greece. There is something that you can do that you will enjoy. The one thing that you need to know is that when you are in Greece, you need to visit some of the historical buildings, the museums and the sit and relax on the beach in Greece that is known as the best beach in the world. Greece offers lots of things to do, no matter what interests you have.